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What Makes Me a Happy Handicapper ?

  What Makes Me a Happy Handicapper ? Horse handicapping is the art of predicting horses who have the greatest chance of winning a race. No one does it better than Tipsters Empire. Some Factors To Consider: In case you like to play the game handicap yourself.  The Track conditions:  certain track conditions vastly favor different styles of runners. Pace : Pace is perhaps one of the strongest determining factors in horse handicapping. Pace is used to determine the running style of each horse and whether they are a front runner, stalker, presser, or closer. Form : Form is simply an "eye test." If you see that a horse ran well in a previous outing or training session, chances are that they are in good form for a repeat performance.  Style : Each style is very different and can go a long way to determine who goes to the winner's circle. Class : Another great tactic in picking racing winners is the form of the race horse. You probably wouldn't but a college baseball pitch