What Makes Me a Happy Handicapper ?


What Makes Me a Happy Handicapper ?

Horse handicapping is the art of predicting horses who have the greatest chance of winning a race. No one does it better than Tipsters Empire.

Some Factors To Consider: In case you like to play the game handicap yourself. 

  • The Track conditions: certain track conditions vastly favor different styles of runners.

  • Pace: Pace is perhaps one of the strongest determining factors in horse handicapping. Pace is used to determine the running style of each horse and whether they are a front runner, stalker, presser, or closer.

  • Form: Form is simply an "eye test." If you see that a horse ran well in a previous outing or training session, chances are that they are in good form for a repeat performance. 

    Style: Each style is very different and can go a long way to determine who goes to the winner's circle.

  • Class: Another great tactic in picking racing winners is the form of the race horse. You probably wouldn't but a college baseball pitcher in to pitch to the New York Yankees lineup. The same goes for horse racing and that is the "class" of the horse. There are different levels of racing where class becomes a huge factor as faster horses tend to race against faster and slower vs. slower. So you wouldn't put a slower overall horse in against a crew of fireballs and hope to come out ahead, right? 

If you truly want to be a Happy Handicapper visit my friends over at Tipster Empire right now